Conor O’Kane

Conor O’Kane, aka B-boy Doke, is a dancer, choreographer, artist and a proud member of Bad Taste Cru (BTC) which he co-founded with Paul Martin in 1997-98. Coming from Omagh, County Tyrone, Conor and BTC were inspired and guided by Irish breaking legends the Belfast City Breakers and learned the real values of hip hop such as respect, peace, love, unity and having fun, values which they live by and pass on to others through their involvement in the UK and Irish breaking/hip hop scene.

Conor moved to Newcastle, England, to pursue his dream of becoming a professional dancer and has travelled throughout the UK, Europe and beyond, teaching, performing, competing and learning about hip hop culture. He is the creator of Just Jam International, one of the top bboy events in the UK, a teacher and mentor to Battalionz, an emerging UK breaking crew, and is inspired by those he works with as a choreographer.

“Hip hop changed my life. It gave me sight. It gave me hearing. It gave me movement. It heightened all my senses. It gave me a voice. It gave me life skills, skills to be passed on and shared with others”. Peace and Love.


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