Barry ‘Bazzy B’ Burke

Barry Burke

Barry Burke

A native of Mayo, Barry Burke aka Bazzy B has been dancing since 2001 and has been performing and teaching since 2003.

He arrived in Limerick in 1998 and completed a BA in Fine Art and has since made Limerick his home. Barry has represented Limerick regionally, nationally and internationally in dance competitions and, along with other hip hop enthusiasts, established Limerockers Cru in 2010. He is also one of the founding members and driving forces behind the “Make a Move” festival, which is a youth focus celebration of hip hop urban culture.

He has been very active in promoting positive social change through dance and is leading the Limerick Hip Hop Intervention Project which aims to reduce the segregation of young people from marginalised areas in Limerick, as well as those with disabilities in their communities, by providing hip hop dance classes that both groups of children can enjoy together.


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